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The first step can be the hardest. Whether you found yourself here while searching or someone told you about my services, I’m glad you took this first step. In a sea of options for counseling, finding a provider can be overwhelming.

MadeWell Counseling was founded in Colorado on the principle that there is value in processing our thoughts and emotions. Life is full of highs and lows. Every day is a new opportunity to explore one’s past, present and future. Whether you are facing the agonizing pain of grief, struggling with trauma, experiencing marital problems or facing divorce, grappling with chronic pain or terminal illness or are in a space where you need to process your life, today is the perfect day to set an appointment and take the first step on the path to healing.

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We have found ourselves in an unprecedented time in the world. Our personal freedom and earning potential have shrunk while our anxiety about the future has increased. Problems we were facing before the Coronavirus still exist in the midst of this life altering health crisis. Now more than ever it is important to talk with someone. Growth, change and hope are possible, and no one should feel alone.

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