I am going to state this in a straight forward way, coparenting is hard. In most cases you have found yourself coparenting because things didn’t work out between you and your partner. Whatever scenario led you to your coparenting journey, know that if you are reading this, you are considering taking the first step to lessening the weight of the coparenting journey.

One of the most complicated aspects of coparenting is that you now feel that what little control you had when you were parenting together is gone. The differences between you have led to a coparenting arrangement and you want to know how to navigate parenting peacefully with your child or children’s best interest at heart.

Can I Have a Good Coparenting Experience?

The answer is yes. I speak from experience when I say coparenting can be compared to walking a balance beam or sailing on calm and then rocky waters and then back again. Successful coparenting requires balance and compromise even when the other party isn’t on board. Yes, you read that correctly, you can have a successful coparenting relationship even though you don’t agree on everything. Remember, you aren’t together because of your differences, they will still exist as your parent your children. It will take time, patience, understanding and forethought to create a parenting strategy that works, but it is possible and so worth it. Your children will look back as adults and see the time and effort you put into giving them a balanced life with two loving parents.

As your therapist I create a space for you to process all of the emotions and challenges of coparenting. There is no right or wrong way to coparent, there is your way, based on the needs of your children. I offer strategies to help you develop communication strategies, explore logistics and priorities your parenting approach. This is your space to work it all out and lay it all down. Parenting can be incredibly lonely, especially when you feel like you are doing it alone or with resistance from others. You deserve the time and space that counseling offers, a time that is about you.