If you have gone through or are going through a divorce you know that the range of emotions you experience has no limit. Divorce is messy, confusing and full of logistical and financial decisions that are life altering. Everything you thought your life would look like has changed. Whether you saw the divorce coming or not, you can never fully prepare for the confusion, disappointment and grief that follows. I specialize in offering divorce therapy for all stages of the divorce.

The Stages of Divorce

We’ve made the decision to file or we have just filed. The first stage is all about the shock of the decision. Perhaps paperwork has been filed and you are in the window of waiting for the divorce to be finalized. You are bombarded with emotions about the finality of the decision. You are sorting through financial documents and making decisions about living arrangements. If children are involved, you are facing fear and confusion about what custody will look like and how to navigate coparenting your children.

Court Dates and Finalization The day your divorce is finalized is one you will never forget. Everyone processes this phase differently. For some, it is a welcome relief from the drawn-out process of navigating the legalities of the divorce process, for others it marks the beginning of grief, isolation and fear.

Post-Divorce Grief We live in a world that keeps on moving despite what is going on with our personal lives. The push to move forward leaves little time to process our emotions and grieve. Work obligations, parenting demands and feeling the pressure to create a new life tend to supersede the grieving process. Grief and feelings of depression and anxiety are to be expected following a divorce.

How Do You Move Forward After a Divorce?

Talk to someone

If you are reading this, you are contemplating taking an important step. Talking to someone about what you are experiencing during this time of tremendous change and loss is the first step in healing. The stress related to divorce and the life decisions you have to make throughout  the divorce process can lead to depression and illness. The first step is to talk with someone.

I specialize in divorce therapy and offer specific tools and insight to help you process your emotions and work your way to creating a new life full of hope and possibilities. You are not your divorce. Your divorce is something that happened as a result of many variables. You deserve to be happy.