Parenting, the hardest and best job you will ever have. I have worked with countless parents who feel lost in their parenting journey. Being a parent is an often time thankless job that is fraught with self-doubt, loneliness, frustration, loss of identity and a deep desire to GET IT RIGHT. The joys of parenting are very real, but so are the challenges.

Being a parent isn’t intuitive. Yes, we have natural talents and intuitions toward our kids, but we aren’t gifted absolute knowledge about child development when our children enter our lives. We are approaching parenting with the skills we acquired; good, bad or otherwise from our own upbringing. There is tremendous value in approaching parenting as a student pursuing higher learning. With each developmental phase our kids enter, we too have to adjust our approach to parenting.

As a parent I know the value of creating a space that is for YOU. As parents our time is spent focusing outside ourselves, tending to the needs of our kids. Counseling is a time for you to have a space to vent, explore and learn.

How Can Counseling Help Me Parent?

Taking time for you, allows space for others. Parents are as different as their kids but there are some common struggles that I see in all parents. Parents often feel guilty for resenting their kids at times. They often share with me in whispers because there is so much shame around not knowing it all or feeling you aren’t doing it right. If you have a space and time to unload doubt, fear, guilt, confusion and a sense of overwhelm around parenting then you no longer are carrying that weight. You have space to experience parenting a little lighter.

There is strength in numbers! Do you ever wish you had an ally? Do you wish you could talk to other parents about your experience and theirs? As a parent and counselor who has worked with many parents, I offer a non-judgmental setting to allow you space to share your experience, ask questions and learn about the experience of others. There is great comfort in knowing that other parents actually struggle with the same issues in their own way. Everyone’s experience is unique but there are common themes that pop up and it feels good to know you aren’t the only one feeling this way.

Information is power. There has never been a time when parents have been offered more resources, than now. That’s great news, but who has the time to find exactly what works for them while juggling parenting? As a therapist who specializes in working with parents, I have a toolbox of useful tools and information that will help you get a better understanding of your child and develop strategies that work for your family.