Season Changes Get Me Down. Exploring Seasonal Affective Disorder

Raise your hand if you went into this past Summer full force. I don’t know about you, but I was like an animal let out of a cage. Finally, I could go and do what I wanted without the weight of the pandemic fears I had carried for the past two years. Looking back, I can see I was on a personal quest to squeeze every experience out of the sunshine and travel freedom that I could. Let me tell you I did just that. It was exhilarating, travel chaos aside. Fall came in full force and once again I felt supercharged to experience as much of the great outdoors as I could. I hiked, biked, and relished every leaf and it was extraordinary. Living intentionally like I hadn’t in quite some time was amazing. Then the weather shifted and cue a dip in that intentionality that had driven me.